I would LOVE to photograph your wedding… for free!

At this point, I would probably close this tab and think ah, this is a spam site but before you do I want to tell you that I’m being totally serious!

My name is Chloe and I live in a dynamic little city called Pietermaritzburg, in South Africa. I have been a full-time pro photographer for 5 years now and I LOVE to travel. Read more about me on my ABOUT page and hear about growing up in the United Kingdom and living in Birmingham, Alabama in the USA.

Why would you shoot my wedding for free, you may want to know! Well, it’s simple really… to travel! And when you say free what do you actually mean? What I mean is I am prepared to shoot your wedding at absolutely no profit to me, in exchange for the travel and accommodation that I would need to get to you. Compared to the average prices of pro photographers at my level of experience that comes to roughly a third of the price of what you would normally be paying – plus you gain a new friend in the process and get to tell your guests that your photographer is flying in from Africa especially for YOUR big day!

It’s a win-win for us all! And if you are as daring, authentic and (semi)crazy as me then we’re going to make a GREAT FIT!

But what if my family and friends think I’m crazy!?! Yeah, my family think the same about this idea when I recently told them what I was wanting to do…

What if you get there and they are all weird, tie you up and lock you up in a basement! – Mom

You know what happened to that young girl who backpacked alone through *inaudible* – Grandmother

Reminding them that we live in what is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world didn’t appease them and I had to just roll my eyes and explain that we all face dangers the minute we step outside¬†our from our front doors but if we don’t ever take the step then who knows what journeys and adventures we could miss out on.

Your marriage is just that… An adventure, and a joyous one at that! But having said that, I take my work very seriously and would never view the “arrangement” as casual… I will conduct myself professionally and not treat any part of your wedding as a holiday/vacation.

Have a look at my work and if you like what you see then pop me an email (hello@dearchloe.co.za) with your wedding date and location so that we can explore the possibility.

What I’m preparing to offer:

Day Before the Wedding

I’ll scout the venue the afternoon before the wedding to familiarise myself with the location and get an idea of where were can do formal family portraits, bridal party photos and the creative shoot. You’d be very welcome to join me for this.

On the Day

You’ll have me for the full day, that means no hourly limits like we (pro photographers) usually limit packages to. Generally¬†speaking, this will include photography the venue, reception, decor, chapel, groom preparations with groomsmen, individual portraits of groom and groomsmen, brides preparations with bridesmaids, formal bride portraits, individual portraits of bridesmaids and flower girls (and ring bearers, etc), ceremony, confetti and congratulations time (meet and greet) with guests, canapes with guests, formal family portraits, bridal party portraits, creative shoot with bride and groom alone, reception, speeches, formalities (throwing the garter & bouquet), father and daughter dance, first dance and the paaaaaarty!

Unless of course, you want to do a “First look”, then we can work out a timeline together that will suit your day.

So if you live in South Africa then how will I ever get my photos? Great question! And the answer is simple… You will receive all 500-800 high-resolution images on Dropbox. From where you can download them and keep them forever! You’ll also have the rights to print at your own free will for all your family and friends. Isn’t this the sweetest deal ever!?!?! I think so… and if I was getting married and planning my wedding then I would absolutely sign up for something like this.